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Former Public Affairs Specialist and Executive Writer for Governor Tom Vilsack (D-IA)
Con to the question "Was Ronald Reagan a Good President?"

“Almost every bad thing and downward trend that has transpired in American political culture during the past 36 years happened because of Ronald Reagan’s inspiration and example. He taught us that government is always the problem (unless it’s the military or CIA…); that government spending is always wasteful (unless it’s military spending or subsidies or incentives for big business interests…); that poor people are moochers and frauds…; that we should worship wealth and punish the poor, and that minorities should be ignored or imprisoned…

Ronald Reagan helped shift the tax burden from wealth to work, he helped hollow out the middle class, his War on Drugs helped launch the current era of mass incarceration that ruined millions of lives and destroyed countless communities and neighborhoods, his insane tax policies helped create today’s new Gilded Age of out-of-control wealth inequality, and his enthusiastic support for some of the worst people on Earth helped lead to the deaths of thousands of Americans.

Ronald Reagan wasn’t brilliant; he was just really, really lucky – he was wrong about lots of things, but he still managed to bumble his way through without starting World War III. He wasn’t a visionary; he was a one-trick pony who kept peddling the same tired Cold War ideas that had bogged America down for decades. He wasn’t brave; he was willfully oblivious. He wasn’t judicious; by indiscriminately backing whatever ‘anti-communist’ military factions he could find, he helped unwittingly lay the groundwork for 9/11 and today’s Age of Terror.”

“Ronald Reagan Is Way Overrated, and We Need to Come to Our Senses: A Magnum Opus,”, May 6, 2016

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  • Public Affairs Specialist and Executive Writer for Governor Tom Vilsack (D-IA), June 2002-Oct. 2004
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