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Jeane J. Kirkpatrick, PhD Biography

Former US Permanent Representative to the United Nations
Pro to the question "Was Ronald Reagan a Good President?"

“Nothing but liberal prejudice can prevent some distinguished Democrats (which most historians are) from discerning the extraordinary achievements of Ronald Reagan. I mention just two: his crucial role in rebuilding American and Western military strength after a period of Western decline and Soviet expansion, and his great success in demonstrating the superiority of free markets and free societies over socialism — especially, but not only, Marxist socialism. His leadership in these achievements strengthened peace and expanded freedom.

This is a president whose deliberate policies produced seven years of economic growth…after Democratic economists said that was impossible.”

“‘There You Go Again’: Liberal Historians and the ‘New York Times’ Deny Ronald Reagan His Due” by Alvin Felzenberg, Policy Review, Mar.-Apr. 1997

Involvement and Affiliations:
  • Former Senior Fellow, American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research (AEI)
  • Chair, US Delegation to the United Nations Human Rights Commission, 2003
  • Leavey Professor, Georgetown University, 1967-1980, 1986-2002
  • Syndicated Columnist, Los Angeles Times, 1986-1997
  • Member, Defense Policy Review Board, 1985-1993
  • Chair, Commission on Fail Safe and Risk Reduction, US Department of Defense, 1990-1992
  • Member, President’s Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board, 1985-1990
  • Recipient, Presidential Blue Ribbon Commission on Nuclear Products, 1985-1987
  • Recipient, Presidential Commission on Space, 1985-1987
  • Recipient, Medal of Freedom, 1985
  • US Permanent Representative to the United Nations, 1981-1985
  • Education:
  • PhD, Comparative Politics, Columbia University, 1968
  • MA, Political Theory, Columbia University, 1950
  • BA, Barnard College, 1948
  • Other:
  • Died on Dec. 7, 2006
  • First woman to serve as US Permanent Representative to the United Nations
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    Pro & Con Quotes: Was Ronald Reagan a Good President?